Deep Tissue


Deep tissue massage is designed to alleviate pain and muscle tension throughout the body. This type of massage reaches the deepest layers of the muscle fibers, connective tissue and tendons.



Swedish massage increases and promotes oxygen in the blood by decreasing toxins and improving circulation.  Massage decreases anxiety and enhances sleep quality. Other benefits of massage is increased energy, improved concentration, and reduced fatigue.

Headaches and Pressure


Sinus pressure and headaches may be alleviated by applying light pressure to the head and sinus areas. The focused areas of a sinus and face massage are the temples, jaw, neck and sinus areas. Those are often the areas where tension and discomfort are commonly held.

 In-Home Massage Therapy offers a wide variety of professional at-home massage sessions. Contact me today!

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60 Minute    $120.00

90 Minute    $150.00

*Gratuity for Travel and Parking Appreciated*

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